Prepare Your Cottage for Winter with Cottage Owners Insurance
Owning a cottage as a place of solace can be a great choice for you and your family. Whether it is your annual get-away spot or you spend the whole summer there, having a designated location for relaxation can be a joy. However, there are several reasons you should investigate and make sure you are protected by having cottage owners insurance, especially during the winter months. Even though it may be your home-away-from-home, unexpected events can still occur.

  • Do You Rent? – If you only spend a brief time at your cottage each year, you may decide to rent it out to people looking for their own quiet getaway during the winter. Having cottage owners insurance that covers your renters and any potential damage caused while they are staying is critical.
  • Unexpected Damage – As with any home, sometimes events happen that cause structural damage to your property or your personal belongings. Many cottage owners file insurance claims for fire damage. You should make sure you have cottage owners insurance that covers damage to your property just like you would your permanent home.
  • Full Coverage – There are multiple types of cottage owners insurance you can choose from, so asking your broker and getting a full understanding of your coverage is important. You can choose basic, comprehensive, or broad cottage owners insurance – just make sure you are adequately covered, no matter what might happen.

At Noble Insurance, we are happy to discuss your cottage owners insurance, whether you are searching for a new policy or need to update your current one, so you are protected this winter. Contact us today to learn more about your options.