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Insurance TipsAt Noble Insurance, we are proud to employ many experienced and knowledgeable insurance brokers. We asked some of them to provide you with helpful insurance tips, and here’s what we got:


Insurance Tip: Home Insurance Coverage

One of the most important parts of maintaining the correct coverage on your property is to review the limits of coverage on your home at least every 3-5years with your broker. Your broker can ensure that you are not over- or under-insured and that all updates of the home have been noted, as well as confirm that all available discounts have been applied. It is a great way to make sure your premium stays in-line and enjoy peace of mind knowing your home is properly insured. – Becky Burnett

  • Becky has been in the insurance industry for 13 years. She has an 8-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son and a wonderful husband. They are new to Collingwood and are so happy to have made the move.

Insurance Tip: Home Updates Discounts

Call and speak to your Customer Service Representative to discuss any changes you’ve made to your home to make sure you are insured to value and receiving all applicable discounts. “We work beside our Customer Service Representatives to help them offer consistent and superior insurance protection to our customers.” – Cindy Richardson, Technical Service Representative (TSR).

  • Cindy was born and raised in Collingwood. She worked in the community in the retail industry before joining Noble Insurance in 2005. In 2007, Cindy created a Working Statement in her department, which she feels very strongly about to this day. Cindy is a devoted wife and mother who enjoys participating in local recreational team sports, as well as travelling with her husband.

Insurance Tip: Homeowners Liability Insurance

With liability lawsuits on the rise, it is time to give your insurance limits another look. Most people don’t give a second thought to the possibility of being sued, but it can happen at any time, and for any reason. Purchasing a higher liability limit on your home insurance policy requires minimal cost, but the benefit is immeasurable. – Jeanette Fitrion

  • Jeanette began her insurance career in 1994 when she obtained her insurance broker’s license and started her journey as a sales representative.  Throughout the years, she dedicated her time to continued insurance education and gained valuable experience, leading to her current role in customer service.  She joined the Noble Insurance team in 2010, where she continues to provide clients with a broad range of insurance solutions and knowledgeable advice. In her spare time, she values the many great adventures she takes with her family, including going camping, travelling, and going on long road trips.

Insurance Tip: Bylaws Coverage for Property Loss

Service Line InsuranceFor all property policies, adding bylaws coverage is a must. Building code and zoning laws change and are updated over time, but the changes do not apply to existing buildings. However, if you suffer a loss or damage to your home, the new building codes/laws may apply to the rebuild.  The bylaws coverage provides protection for new bylaws that would increase the cost of the rebuild/repair of your home. This coverage comes standard with some companies, and increased limits are available and recommended. This ensures you experience no shortfall or surprise costs not covered by your policy in the event of a loss. – Susan Roth

  • Susan started her insurance career in 1987 as a receptionist, studied for her Broker’s License in 1987, and worked as a Personal Lines Broker. In 1989, she changed positions to work for a software company that developed software for insurance brokers. For over 11 years, she worked as support staff, trainer, training and documentation developer, and manager in this field.  In 1999, when the software company closed their Canadian branch, she moved back over to the broker side and has been providing personal lines advice and service since.

Insurance Tip: Auto Insurance

Did you know that summer tires start to harden at 7°C, all-season tires become stiff at about -10°C, and winter tires remain flexible until – 40°C? As the temperatures drop, the molecules in a tire hold onto each other a little tighter, reducing their elasticity. Equipping yourself with winter tires can not only help prevent collisions, but you can also receive a discount on your auto policy! – Bre-Anne Coleman

  • ­Bre-Annewas born and raised in Aurora, Ontario and started her journey in the insurance industry in 2011 when she began working as a receptionist at a small brokerage in Aurora. In 2012, she completed her R.I.B.O. course through Seneca and started working as a Personal Lines CSR within the brokerage. She and her husband moved to Innisfil in 2014 and absolutely love the “cottage life” feel that it has to offer. Most recently, in September of 2017, she became a part of the Noble Team and could not be more excited! When not at work, she can be found bowling, painting, at the movies catching a horror flick, or spending time with husband, Ryan, and two dogs, Lilly & Snoopy.

Insurance Tip: Hospitality Industry Liability Insurance

If you own a restaurant, bar, fine dining establishment, pool hall, or night club, you’ll know that the insurance industry has had challenges over the past decade to look after these and other hospitality industry businesses. Changes in the law around liquor liability and the responsibility of owners, servers, bouncers, and the intoxicated patron mean insuring and underwriting these businesses requires special consideration. Having your broker build a specially designed insurance product offering protection for the liquor liability exposure, forcible ejection coverage, food-related exposures, and the general protection of contents and buildings will play into the continued success of your business operation when things don’t go as planned. – Heather Hill

  • Heather started her career in a commercial claims department handling claims from hospitality industry types of businesses. Now, with over 10 years as a commercial broker with Noble Insurance, she is uniquely qualified to help find the insurance best suited to for this business type . . . at the best price. With world-class coverages and many options to choose from, she will provide the advice and protection your business needs.



If you have questions about any of these insurance tips or would like to review your coverage, contact your Noble Insurance broker today!