Homeowners Insurance
When it comes to the cold Ontario winters, you may begin gearing up early to prepare your home for the cold. But did you know that you can incur water damage even in the coldest winter months? What will you do if something happens and you home were to flood? Frozen pipes and stormy weather can all take a toll on your home – and that means knowing whether your homeowners insurance will cover water damage is critical.

If you aren’t sure about the last time you looked at your homeowners insurance policy, it may be a good time as your prepare your home for winter. Insurance coverage is changing all the time, and although you may receive notifications, it can be hard to remember what is covered and what isn’t. Will your homeowners insurance help you restore your basement if it floods? Will it cover structural damage when a frozen pipe bursts? If you aren’t sure, or you discover you don’t have the proper coverage, you may be looking for answers. Even if you never sustain water damage at all, knowing you are prepared and covered will give you peace of mind.

At Noble Insurance, we are happy to answer your questions about homeowners insurance when it comes to water damage and provide you with a policy that will protect you during any unexpected events this winter. Whether you’d like to stop in or have a chat with us online, our brokers are ready to assist you so you feel confident your home is protected. Contact us today to learn more.