3 Tips for Finding the Best Equine Insurance
As any horse owners knows, raising and caring for horses is neither easy nor cheap. Many horses are much more expensive than an automobile, both in value and in cost of maintenance, and as such, they require insurance policies just as thorough and secure as those meant for automobiles. However, the process of shopping for and purchasing equine insurance can be less than straightforward. Here are three tips to help you get started in your search:

  1. Contact a knowledgeable insurance brokerage – At Noble Insurance, we know the field of equine insurance inside and out. As a local brokerage, we can offer you the benefit of having already made contacts throughout the area; you will definitely not be the first client who has purchased equine insurance from us.
  2. Consider veterinary bills – Much as human medical costs can be a huge expense, so can those for horses. Make sure whatever equine insurance policy you purchase covers veterinary expenses adequately. Also, become familiar with the medical attention potentially necessary to your horse and its breed; knowing the medical issues more likely to occur before they occur helps when selecting coverage for your horse.
  3. Ensure that your policy is specific to you and your horse – Horses are much more individual than many of the other things we normally purchase insurance for. While situations always vary, equine insurance may do so even more. Having your insurance cover the appropriate value of your horse is a must, for example.