RV Insurance in Barrie, Ontario
If you have recently purchased a recreational vehicle, or if you are in the market for a new insurance policy for an RV that you have owned for some period of time already, there are several important points about RV insurance of which you should be aware. Insuring your RV with an appropriate plan that covers you and your property sufficient to your needs is imperative, and in order to accomplish this, it helps to be familiar with the details of RV insurance. If you have further questions or would like to discuss your options with a qualified professional, contact us at Noble Insurance.

Here are three key differences between automobile and RV insurance:

  • RV insurance covers more than just your vehicle – While automobile insurance will provide coverage for damages, both to property and people, incurred due to an accident, RV insurance often goes a step further. Since RVs are often kept at camp sites and also tend to hold a great deal of personal belongings, RV insurance may also cover equipment used at campsites and the property held within your RV.
  • RV coverage may be suspended while your RV is not in use – Since RVs are not usually used as commuter vehicles, it is logical that insurance companies should consider coverage that reflects their part-time usage. When shopping for insurance plans, make sure to check about your options for insuring the vehicle while it is being stored.
  • Options may be available for the use of an RV as a home – Depending on your residence, where you will be travelling, and the insurance company from which you purchase your plan, it may be possible to find policies that cover your RV extensively, as if it were a fixed house.