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Check In with Your Broker About Cottage Insurance this Spring

As the weather finally begins to warm up and you start planning for the opening of your cottage, you may already have a long list of to-dos. One important item on your list should be calling your broker to make sure your cottage insurance policy has all the coverage you need.

There are several advantages to calling about your cottage insurance prior to the spring opening of your secondary or vacation home.

  • You can easily make changes to your insurance policy and address any policy updates that may affect your coverage or your budget.
  • Your broker can provide a full cottage insurance review and determine if there are new and better options, or if there are opportunities to bundle and save.
  • If you have plans to renovate or make improvements to your cottage, you can confirm that your cottage insurance policy is up to date.
  • You will feel confident that your cottage insurance is the best fit for your situation and needs.

At Noble Insurance, we have been a trusted name in your local community for more than 70 years. Whether you are a long-time cottage owner or you have recently purchased a cottage and are ready to enjoy this home away from home, there has never been a better time to call us at Noble Insurance. Learn more about our cottage insurance options and schedule time to speak with your broker about creating a policy that works for you.