Snowbirds 101Going on a winter getaway? Before you head off to recharge your batteries in sunnier places, find out how travelling impacts your insurance coverage. Then take steps to stay protected.

HouseInRainDo a couple of weeks in the sunshine sound like a great way to recharge your batteries? If winter travel is in your plans, whether you’re heading south, skiing, or travelling elsewhere, bear in mind a few things that might impact your insurance coverage.

Your homeowner’s, condominium owner’s or tenant’s policy will usually not cover damage caused by water pipes bursting in your home if you have been away for more than four consecutive days during the usual heating season. This time period varies from company to company. Should your furnace stop working while you are away, the temperature inside your home can drop and freeze the water in your pipes. If these frozen pipes burst, you will not be covered for any damages. For coverage to continue, you can arrange for a competent person to enter your home each day to make sure all is well, or shut off the water supply to your home and drain the pipes before you leave.

Your automobile policy only provides insurance protection for you in Canada and the United States.

Your automobile policy only provides insurance protection for you in Canada and the United States. If you are planning on driving your vehicle to warmer climates, even a day trip to Mexico, please be aware your automobile policy will not protect you once you leave the United States.

Are you planning to rent a vehicle on your travels in Canada or the United States? You may already have an endorsement on your auto policy that will save you the rental car insurance cost. If not, we can add it at a very reasonable cost. In most cases, if you rent a car for more than one day, the additional endorsement will pay for itself. Again, keep in mind this  – endorsement only provides coverage in Canada and the United States.

If you have any questions about travelling and your insurance policies, please give us a call. Have a safe and happy holiday!