seasonal rental insurance

It’s only natural that you would want to get away during peak tourist season or take a break from the cold Ontario winter and head south for a few weeks or months during the year. If you love taking a long vacation each year, you may also see the benefit of renting your home to others who may be planning the opposite sort of trip. Do you have the right homeowners insurance policy to provide protection while you are away?

At Noble Insurance, we believe having rental property insurance is the best way to achieve maximum protection while you spend time traveling and leaving your home in the care of renters. Designed specifically for home and condo owners who want to rent their property to tourists, rental property insurance is the best way to protect yourself against damage to your home while you are away.

If you are thinking, “My regular homeowners insurance coverage should be just fine,” we urge you to reconsider. With a standard homeowners insurance policy, there are two possible scenarios:

  • You could notify your insurance provider that you are planning to rent, but they may actually reduce your coverage or cancel your policy altogether.
  • If you do not disclose that you are renting and then need to file a claim, they may deny any damage claims due to nondisclosure.

While renting your home is certainly a great way to make sure someone is keeping an eye on things while you are away, it’s also important to know you and your home are protected in case something unexpected happens. Having rental property insurance will give you protection, power and peace of mind.

Contact us today at Noble Insurance to learn more or to request a quote for this exclusive homeowners insurance policy.