Protect Your Property from a Flooded Basement with Home Insurance and these Tips

If you own a house in Simcoe County, coming home to a flooded basement is likely one of your biggest fears. However, by having the right home insurance policy, watching out for a few warning signs, and taking a few steps to prevent flooding, you can stop the disastrous effects of water damage.

Warning Signs

Water trickling out of your basement walls, pools of standing water on your basement floor, and constantly humid air in this area of your home are all signs that a basement flood may be in your future. Additionally, your basement may be at risk of flooding if the carpet or wood in your basement starts to deteriorate, mould starts to develop, or if condensation forms on your basement floors or walls.

Preventing a Flooded Basement

After you acquire a comprehensive home insurance policy, there are several things you can do to prevent a basement flood from occurring, such as:

  • Making sure that your downspouts have not accumulated debris
  • Clearing debris away from your home’s exterior drains
  • Removing large piles of snow from your window wells
  • Installing certain flood-prevention devices, like a sump pump, floor drain, or a back-water valve

If your basement does flood, it’s essential that you completely dry out and disinfect the entire area so mould does not start to grow. You should also remove any damaged items from the area. To prevent severe financial loss in case water damage occurs, call us at Noble Insurance gqqu3fg. We can review your current home insurance policy or provide you with a comprehensive quote.