Home InsuranceAs the winter weather approaches, you may already be getting your hats, scarves and gloves out of storage. One important thing you’ll also want to do is make sure that your home is properly equipped for the colder months ahead. Here are a few important pointers for keeping your home comfortable and safe this winter:

Check the insulation around your plumbing and pipes in your crawlspace, basement and/or garage. If your insulation is lacking, taking time to add a protective barrier will help keep your pipes and plumbing from freezing.
You can maintain the energy efficiency and comfort of your home by sealing any leaky windows and doors with quality weatherstripping. Not only can you keep the cold air out, but you’ll also notice a difference in the way your home keeps the warm air in.
If you aren’t really sure where the phone number for your snow removal company went, now is a great time to find the number and keep it in a convenient place. You can also make sure you have a few snow shovels available that are in good condition.
Being able to safely enter and exit your home is important, so making sure you have sand and salt available, or replenishing your supply, is important.
Test your sump pump, or have one installed in your home if needed. This way you’ll have a backup plan if your home floods during the winter months.
If you plan to be away from home for some or all of the winter, make arrangements with a trusted neighbour to check on your home regularly.
Double check your home insurance policy to make sure you have coverage for any kind of winter weather incident, and if you are away, make sure someone is checking on your home often enough to maintain your coverage.
Based on your home’s maintenance needs, you may want to keep a copy of your home insurance policy and an emergency checklist in a convenient location for referencing if you ever need it.
At Noble Insurance, we’ll be happy to provide the home insurance coverage you need to enjoy complete peace of mind during the winter months. Contact us today to discuss your policy.