If you are planning to list your home this winter, you may be looking for ways to make your home more inviting during the winter months. Here are some great tips for making your home more attractive to the right seller during the winter.

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  1. On a mild day, take time to wash windows and clean your siding, so your home looks tidy from the outside.
  2. Add a mat or tray for wet boots at the front door so people feel comfortable walking through your home.
  3. Turn the thermostat up to a comfortable level, even if your home is vacant, so potential buyers feel good about coming inside from the cold.
  4. Light a fire in the fireplace or add candles in your living area to create a pleasant ambiance.
  5. Clear any walkways and steps of snow and debris, so your real estate agent and potential buyers can easily access your home.
  6. Remove any snow that has built up on trees or shrubs to improve curb appeal and reduce impedance to entrances.
  7. Add potted plants or fresh flowers inside to brighten the space and make it more inviting.

At Noble Insurance, we know that selling your home is an important and exciting adventure. In addition to these tips for selling your home in winter, make sure that your homeowners’ insurance policy has the right kinds of winter coverage, so your home is fully protected while it is being shown. Contact us today to discuss your home insurance needs!