Noble Insurance Nearly 100 years ago, our founder, Howard Noble, was born and later became a staple here in the Georgian Bay Community, using his exceptional skills as an insurance salesperson. While the way he ran Noble Insurance benefitted many individuals and businesses, it was his philanthropic nature and his support of charities and community groups that made people remember him.

In celebration of Howard Noble’s 100th birthday, charities in our area have launched a new campaign: 100 Ways to Celebrate 100 Years.

As a proud supporter of his father’s legacy, Wayne Noble is just as dedicated to his local community. He is asking that as part of this campaign, you review your old life insurance policies to determine if you still need the same coverage. If your situation has changed, you may want to consider gifting the policy to a local charity.

Ten local charities have joined together to participate in this venture, including Habitat for Humanity South Georgian Bay, G&M Hospital Foundation, Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Georgian Triangle, and Home Horizon. Wayne Noble hopes that during his father’s 100th year, 100 policies will be donated.

Donating an insurance policy is a powerful strategy that not only benefits others, but allows you to generate current tax benefits. For more information about this campaign and how you can help, please contact us today.