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After a long winter, spring is finally upon us, and the time has come to plant flowers, fix uneven stepping stones, ensure that any birdhouses on your property are firmly mounted, and remove damaged branches from trees or shrubs. Landscaping adds value to your property and provides shade that is pleasant during warmer months. However, when you have trees or shrubs in your yard, the potential for limbs to break or trees to fall is higher. This can cause serious damage to your home and can result in a lot of expense in repairing the damage.

Over 75% of trees that fall during a weather event were already suffering from some type of pre-existing and often correctable condition that made them more vulnerable and susceptible to breaking and falling. Recognizing and treating tree symptoms protects your landscaping investment and helps prevent damage to your home, cars, family members and neighbours. Preventive maintenance also improves a tree’s health and may increase its longevity. You should take a look around your property to see any warning signs, such as root damage, leaning, wounds, or trees with multiple trunks, cracking, or signs of decay.

Any of these warning signs can result in a fallen tree. Please contact Noble Insurance today to learn more about our different homeowners insurance policies.