Protect Your Property from Frozen Pipes with the Right Business Insurance

Without the right business insurance or homeowner’s insurance, frozen pipes can put a serious damper on your day. If you want to know how to recognise and prevent frozen pipes, we have some suggestions.

Signs of a Frozen Pipe Problem

There are two primary signs that could indicate you have a frozen pipe on your hands. First, your pipes may be frozen if frost has accumulated on their exterior. However, this does not apply to pipes that are hidden behind walls or in your property’s ceilings. Second, lack of running water could indicate that your pipes are frozen.

Preventing Frozen Pipes

With the right home or business insurance and by taking a few necessary steps when it’s cold outside, you can protect your property from the damaging effects of frozen pipes. For instance, you should plan on:

  • Fitting any exposed pipes on your property with insulation sleeves or wrapping them to slow the heat transfer process
  • Turning off your outside tap from the interior, but making sure that you leave the exterior tap open
  • Taking the time to seal any cracks or holes that may exist in your property’s walls or the foundation near your property’s water pipes with caulking
  • Making sure that there is enough insulation in the cavities of your property where pipes exist

Not sure what kind of coverage you have on your home or business insurance policy against water damage? Call us at Noble Insurance today to review your policy or to get a comprehensive quote.