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contractor insurance policies we provide to tradesmen

In our growing community, there are many opportunities for contractors of all kinds. While you want to focus on your customers and your upcoming jobs, it’s worth remembering that you need an insurance policy to cover you and your tools. We offer a variety of different policies that depend on your trade, where you work, with whom you work, and the level of insurance you require.

Most of the contractor insurance policies we provide to tradesmen in our community include business personal property coverage. This helps protect your contents and equipment from accidental and direct physical loss. If you operate out of a specific worksite or building, we can bolster your policy with property coverage, which can cover your garage, fixtures, storage building, and other structures. This facet of your coverage can also cover individual features of these structures, like building glass or floor coverings.

If you travel to different locations to work, we can also equip your contractor insurance coverage with mobile equipment coverage, which can provide protection for your equipment and tools that you use for contracting operations. Ultimately, we can customize your contractor insurance policy according to the needs of your business and your unique liability requirements.

You can get a quote online after answering some questions about your business and even secure your policy in real time. Time savings equal value! Click here to get your quote.