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Obtaining event insurance is important for anyone organizing an event

There are companies that choose not to serve alcoholic beverages at business functions out of concern about the liability involved. However, this could result in lower attendance and even lowered employee morale, as your staff may see it more to go cheap than to protect against liability. The solution is to obtain event insurance that will cover your company in the event of a problem.

Obtaining event insurance is important for anyone organizing an event, especially one where alcohol will be served. Do not assume that the event venue has this covered for you. They might have coverage for damage to their venue, but that won’t cover liability on your end. It never hurts to be insured on both sides so you can be certain your event is memorable in a positive way, instead of as a financial disaster you’ll feel for months or years to come.

The beauty of event insurance is that it covers you for far more than alcohol-related issues. Even if you’re having a birthday party with just cake and ice cream, you can obtain this coverage for peace of mind that should something unexpected occur, everything will work out just fine.

Here at Noble Insurance, we recommend event insurance as an affordable coverage that will give you peace of mind that your event will be memorable for all the right reasons. We are happy to work with you to build the right event insurance policy for your unique situation. Rather than contact several insurance companies on your own, count on our experience as an insurance broker to do the shopping around for you and negotiate the best terms for your event insurance coverage. Call today to learn more.