you also need to buy your first car insurance policy

When you buy your first vehicle, you also need to buy your first car insurance policy.  If you haven’t made any changes to your policy since you purchased your vehicle, you probably haven’t thought to review your policy every year. However, there may be changes you’ve made that need to be discussed with your insurance broker, and an annual review would allow you to discuss how changes in the car insurance industry may have impacted you throughout the year. Here are some of the things that you should review with your insurance broker every year.

  • Confirming Information – You should always confirm the information you provided when you first purchased your policy. Make sure the name and address of the insured on the policy matches the ownership of the insured vehicle. You’ll also need to confirm the age of the vehicle at the time of purchase and if it was purchased new or used.
  • Discussion of Drivers – It is important to list all licensed drivers in your household, as well as the actual date(s) first licensed, including G1, G2 and G dates, where applicable. The marital status of each driver should also be listed.
  • Vehicle Information – To be properly insured, you will need to note if your vehicle is used for pleasure, commuting, farm use, or business. The annual kilometres per vehicle should also be documented, including one-way commute distance. You should also discuss if you use seasonal snow tires.

Here at Noble Insurance, we want to be sure you are getting the right car insurance coverage for your situation. We are reaching out to all of our clients to review their auto insurance policy, as policy pricing becomes more and more individualized. Call us today to review your policy to confirm its accuracy and be certain your pricing reflects how you use your car. Every “data bit” we’ve listed here can make a difference and potentially save you money!