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Client Testimonials

I’m amazed at the thorough, on-hand knowledge that Jenny Robichaud possesses regarding all things related to business insurance. She was able to answer all of my questions and explain all of the potential risks and coverages for said risks in a way that I completely understood, and I feel excellent about and comfortable with my policy.

-Matt W.

Brandy Foster answered all our questions and concerns and made us more comfortable with our insurance needs.

-Laura P.

Jody Hoag does not get flustered no matter how complex your needs are or how many changes you request. Heather Hill is laser-focused on finding the right product and has a tremendous depth of expertise. They are both super-responsive.

-Kevin R.

Becky Burnett, thanks again for taking the time to do that for me when I’m not a client anymore. I appreciate it so much, and I will be recommending you to all my Ontario friends.

-Destinee A.

Corie Flear was prompt in returning to me with a quote.

-Doris T.

Carole Schmidt was extremely patient, friendly and knowledgeable.

-Arlene E.

The rep who looks after my account, Bre-Anne Coleman, is always on top of things. She let me know well ahead of my renewal time that auto rates had increased, so I would not be surprised. When I called to touch base, she let me know what the increase would be, but also said she would be reviewing the account before it comes due to be sure I was getting the best rate possible. I really appreciate her thoroughness, as well as her courteous and pleasant service. I always hang up with a smile on my face.

-Leslie S.

Brandy Foster was responsive to questions I had with a great attitude.

– Al U.

The people at Noble are the strong suit. Caring, confident, and thoughtful. Very professional with finding the correct suit for the customer.

-Pat P.

Great service! Especially Becky Burnett. She’s the best ever. She explained to me and makes me understand in case I have questions.

-Charlyn B.

I dealt with Kelly Taggart first with my son’s insurance and then asked if she could do a quote for me. She was fantastic, and I have switched my insurance as well to Noble Insurance.

-Shannon H.

The customer service is always great. The staff knows their clients very well and are always available to help!! I feel like Brandy always goes the “extra mile” to provide great suggestions and the best services for our household.

-Laurie W.

Helpful, friendly staff.

-Jacklin S.

Today with the insurance companies always being downgraded and untruthful, today I experienced an honest and professional individual who put us ahead of the company. Her honesty was much appreciated, and you can bet at the time of renewal, we will be giving your company a shot at our business. Thank you so much, Carole Schmidt.

-Robert H.

Brandy provided prompt and straightforward service.

-Kathy S.

Lots of professionalism and honesty. The staff there is very well organized.

-Marcello M.

Great customer service, and Bre-Anne was very helpful.

-Bryan P.

Always polite talking to staff. Carol Whitley is very knowledgeable.

-Jacquie J.

Kim Cumberland was fast and efficient.

-Richard F.

Friendly, fast, and very informative assistance from Becky.

-Ruth N.

Sandra was friendly & helpful.

-Jen W.

My experience with Becky was quick and very professional.

-Darlene C.

It’s great to be able to just pick up the phone and have everything done in a day. Thanks, Bre-Anne.

-Joanne P.

A tricky situation arose with our coverage, and thanks to Brandy, it was resolved. The response was very courteous and friendly. A pleasure to deal with.

-John W.

I had a question, and Brandy was right on top of it. Just keep up the great service as you have been for the past 20 plus years.

-James R.

We had very prompt service at the office from Serena with a purchase of a new truck and a claim on our travel trailer insurance. It is always a pleasant experience. My husband looks after most of the insurance business, and he always comments on how efficient Noble Insurance operates, and the staff is always helpful.

-Bert R.

Serena Pockaj has been courteous and always returns calls in a timely fashion. She is very knowledgeable.

-Mary Lou H.

Kelly Taggart has been very efficient.

-Donna M.

Brandy Foster is amazing. She was very helpful in the process as I am only 20 and this is my first dealing with insurance.

-Darci J.

Serena Pockaj, thank you for making it uncomplicated and quickly carried out.

-Marilyn K.

Julianne Cornfield has always provided us with convenient and dependable service.

-Ian T.

Brandy Foster responds to our questions in a timely manner.

-Sandra S.

Bre-Anne Coleman has always been easy to work with.

-Shawn R.

Becky Burnett is fantastic. Prompt, professional and friendly.

-Pete C.

Debbie Green, I appreciate and rely on a long and helpful relationship.

-John R.

Friendly and helpful staff. They answered all my questions and made the process easy.

-Jane G.

Prompt service and no waiting. Vivian Fuller is always helpful.

-Robert C.

Noble Insurance was quick and pleasant for us to deal with.

-Michael M.

Bre-Anne Coleman is always a pleasure to deal with. Very thorough, professional and prompt to respond.

-Brad S.

Wow! Becky, you are amazing. Truly appreciate you knowing what the best thing to do is. Again, thanks for always being a great communicator. You certainly help!

-Tanya C.

I know that Julianne Cornfield has always worked very hard on my behalf and is very prompt with her response. She is extremely professional.

-Stan F.

I like having the policy emailed to me and the quick response I get when dealing with Noble Insurance.

-Lisa M.

I have been with Noble Insurance for over 40 years. I moved to my present home, four hours away, but kept both my car and house insurance with Noble. I have NEVER had a problem with Alliston’s brokers, and as usual, a question I asked received a quick answer. Thanks, Brandy!

-Janice S.

Bre-Anne Coleman is very friendly and professional.

-Bryan P.

Noble Insurance has been doing a great job for me for 26 years. Becky Burnett, thank you for your immediate response to the problem discussed.

-Patricia B.

Brandy Foster is an amazing help. Very friendly and understanding.

-Ruth N.

Serena Pockaj really cares and is very supportive and extremely professional.

-Dinah B.

Corie Flear is so friendly and helpful. I like the small-town feel.

-Jenny V.

I was happy with the quick response. Thanks, Becky.

–Doug S.

Sandra Snow always explained things of concern to me.

-Paul C.

I spoke to Carole Schmidt on the phone. She was very efficient and helpful. She was understanding and patient with me. I appreciate that.

-Karen C.

Brandy is an amazing help. Very friendly and understanding.

-Ruth N.

Serena Pockaj really cares and is very supportive and extremely professional.

-Dinah B.

Everyone at Noble Insurance is so friendly and helpful. I like the small town feel.

-Jenny V.

Noble Insurance has always provided me with a quick response

-Doug S.

Sandra always explains things of concern to me.

-Paul C.

I spoke to Carole Schmidt on the phone. She was very efficient and helpful. Carole was very understanding and patient with me. I appreciate that.

-Karen C.

Becky has been awesome addressing my concerns. Thank you.

-Ray C.

Tava replied to my email even though she was home as she was ill. Definitely going above and beyond!

-Brenda T.

Brandy, thank you for always being friendly and courteous.

-Sara P.

Brandy, I like the way everything was explained and made it easy to understand my policy.

-Laurie V.

Kelly has always been friendly & helpful. She sent me what I needed. Thanks.

-Ron T.

Ashley, thank you for your friendly service.

-Christine T.

Susan Roth was very, very quick in responding. Extremely knowledgeable and personable.

-Kim M.

Noble Insurance is excellent!!


I have been covered by Noble Insurance in Alliston for many years. Vivian Fuller is the absolute best insurance agent I have ever encountered. She’s always there and always prompt, efficient and knowledgeable.

-Ellen G.

Thank you for your help, Kim Martinelli. Greatly appreciated. Noble Insurance is over the top!

-Jeff B.

Serena Pockaj is fantastic! She is pleasant, efficient and quick! She makes every encounter a breeze.

-Christine P.

Prompt, friendly service. Corie Flear from your Barrie office was great!!!

-Lynda P.

Dealt with Tava Oplt on a piece of new insurance I know very little about. She was a tremendous help. We ended up buying the insurance, so thank you.

-Richard B.

Becky Burnett is so knowledgeable and friendly.

-Loriann P.

Quick replies and always helpful to explain and add new policies. Staff are friendly. No complaints. Brandy Foster, thank you for all your hard work.

-Laura R.

I got in touch with your agent Vivian Fuller, and her prompt response was very much appreciated. She’s knowledgeable in all aspects of insurance, and all my questions were answered quickly and with patience. I appreciated that she made me feel comfortable about asking her so many questions. Brilliant customer service! Thank you so much.

-Heather B.

Personal service. Brandy Foster is always there to help or just answer questions.

-Annette S.

I like the friendliness and eagerness to help you and answer any questions. Laurie Scutt is so helpful and answers all questions and always gets back to you if she is busy. She is the best.

-James M.

I had just bought a new car and needed to get it insured. My broker was away, so I was transferred to someone working with my broker who then proceeded in processing a policy for my new car. I was very pleased to know that no matter what, they had my back. Thank you, both Serena and Bre-Anne!

-Philip L.

My broker, Becky Burnett, helped me every step through a property claim. Thank you, Becky, for making this easier for me to understand.

-LoriAnn P.

Quick response! Thanks, Brandy!

-Mitzi W.

Serena Pockaj is always friendly and easy to talk to. Able to explain any questions easily.

-Lynsey J.

Scott Thomas looked after exactly what I wanted. Thank you.

-Ron T.

My broker is Becky Burnett. She is always friendly and goes out of her way to help answer my questions in a timely manner. Always great service.

-Angela B.

We’ve been clients for a few years now, and Becky Burnett is wonderful. She understands what insurance is best for our family, home and automobiles. I had a small bump with another car a few weeks ago, and she knew what would be the best action to take and what to be wary of. Of course she was right! The other driver tried to pull a scam, and I wouldn’t have known unless I had her guidance. Thank you, Becky and Noble Insurance.

-Carey C.

Tava Oplt is always on the ball and makes sure I’m covered when it comes to making a claim. She’s easy to get ahold of at any time of day. I never have to track her down and wait days on a response! Best service I’ve ever had from any insurance broker!!

-Chris S.

I am fortunate to have Vivian Fuller as my representative and have always had a great experience. I have been working with her for a very long time. I hope I may continue to deal with Vivian and Noble Insurance.

-James B.

We’ve been with Noble for almost 9 years. Becky Burnett has always been proactive in advising us of our insurance carrier’s updates or changes. We have peace of mind knowing we’re adequately protected. We’re very happy clients.

-Stephen C.

Kelly Taggart’s service was prompt and straightforward. You know you are being looked after. I have been insured since about 1962 and through different owners right up until Noble insurance bought that company. The service has always been great. I have absolutely no complaints.

-Bruce O.

I would be remiss if I did not thank Brandy Foster, your company’s representative who has provided exemplary service in dealing with my business. I would be happy if my appreciation of her helpfulness was brought to her employer’s attention.

-Fred H.

Excellent communication with my representative, Brandy Foster.

-Debra R.

Becky Burnett took the initiative to look for cheaper insurance.

-Ashley C.

Carole Schmidt is friendly, efficient and helps find the best price.

-Elizabeth L.

Kelly Taggart was very friendly and helpful.

-Melissa C.

Julianne Cornfield is very efficient and offers personal service.

-Jean R.

Carol Whitley‘s service is always superb.

-Doug S.

Carole Schmidt is very informative, respectful & nice to deal with. She made things easy to switch. Very happy!

-Adrianne H.

Bre-Anne Coleman always has great communication and a willingness to help.

-John R.

Professional, prompt service from Brandy Foster.

-Richard W.

Noble Insurance has always provided great customer service and response times.

-Teresa S.

Everyone is fast and efficient, with a special mention to Bre-Anne Coleman.

-Sharon P.

Serena Pockaj is exceptional in her field.

-Greg H.

Thank you, Bre-Anne!  Thank you for taking such great care of my vehicles and me!!


Carol Whitley is always professional, direct and to the point — excellent follow-up.

-Gary G.

Susan Roth provides great service and price on insurance.

-Kevin F.

Brandy Foster is always easy to get ahold of and provides timely response to questions.

-Chris R.

My personal rep, Brandy Foster, was very helpful and informative.

-Tammy S.

I like that Bre-Anne has responded to my questions/concerns very quickly. She has also looked into what our options might be very quickly and has provided suggestions about how we might go about getting changes made.

-Kathy S.

I love the people at Noble. Serena and Rob take excellent care of us. I especially like how approachable they are. I never feel bad about asking any questions. Emails and calls are returned right away. Thanks!

-Susan H.

Julianne is always friendly, knowledgeable & down-to-earth. Very helpful.

-Mary W.

Your agent Serena is very personable and cheerful to deal with. She answered all the questions we had and even anticipated some of the questions.

-Brian J.

Serena was very helpful, efficient, had answers to all my questions, and was great to work with.

-Anita S.

I ran into a problem with an insurance company representative, and Laurie Scutt straightened everything out, and very quickly, too. Thank you.

-Will M.

Carol Whitley has always provided fast, friendly, efficient service.

-Lori C.

Becky’s response time to inquiries is excellent. Personal and professional rapport.

-Liz C.

Vivian always does a great job in helping my dad.

-Percy D.

Julianne went the extra mile to find reductions to our policies, and she was very personable and professional!

-Bonnie T.

Tava Oplt was amazing. So punctual and quick to respond. Truly one of the best sales experiences I have had to date.

-Lukas B.

Bre-Anne offered lots of good help and was able to reduce my insurance premiums!

-Bazel W.

Serena has always provided me fast, friendly service.

-Chris L.

Sandra Snow, thank you for following up when I had a problem and keeping me informed of the action that you are taking.

-Audra J.

Thank you so much, Brandy, for your support and for working for us to get the settlement. We really do appreciate it. We became clients of Noble Insurance in 1974. Howard Noble gave me a lockbox to keep our premium in, and I still have it and think of him when I use it. He was a true gentleman and wonderful businessman. Thanks again for a job well done

– Lynne Y.

Becky Burnett is always friendly and willing to help and answer questions.

-Peter A.

I must say that all the staff at Noble Insurance have been extremely helpful and were very responsive in dealing with our requests.

-John W.

Carol Whitley is VERY pleasant to work with and always makes sure I am happy!

-Sue A.

Serena is my broker and is always proactive, looking after my needs and staying on top of things that I am not even aware of.

-Penny C.

Brandy is our broker and always provides easy transition to change coverage from one vehicle to another.

-Phil S.

Serena provides fast and responsive answers to all my questions. Great representation.

-Gordon H.

Our broker, Brandy Foster, is very friendly and personable. She is always very helpful when we call.

-Sandra S.

Serena always provides quick, clear help with my inquiries.

-Marty L.

I appreciate the professional & exemplary service provided by Brandy Foster. Brandy proactively contacted me after she received my current property insurance renewal, researched the property insurance market, and identified an insurance provider offering comparable coverage options at a greater value. Brandy responded to my questions in a timely fashion and switched me to my new provider. Thank you, Brandy!

-Pat D.

Laurie Scutt has always treated me with utmost respect and great service. Keep up the great work. Noble insurance is doing an excellent job!

-Joel N.

Quick, personalized service. Tava Oplt is great.

-Glen S.

Brandy Foster provides friendly service and prompt response.

-Otilia S.

Brandy Foster is concise and fast in any dealings with myself and other members of family. She has been very prompt with any changes or informative requests.

-Candi S.

It has always been a pleasant experience dealing with the staff at Noble.

-Paul F.

Serena Pockaj is a very competent, knowledgeable agent who always has the time for a conversation. Keep up the good work.

-Gary J.

Tava Oplt always right on top of things. Even though we live 500km away, we stay with Noble because they have always been good to us.

-Lorri M.

Brandy Foster, thank you for your great follow-up and fast responses.

-Laura P.

Being a new resident to Collingwood, I chose my house insurance with Noble, and I couldn’t be happier! I reached out to Bre-Anne Coleman yesterday for my auto insurance, as I was unhappy with my current insurance company’s higher rates and my policy was up for a renewal. Bre-Anne was very attentive to my demands and accommodated my request to find a new company. Her communication is excellent! She quickly found me a much better rate and informed me of additional incentives that this insurance company could offer me. I feel rest assured that I made the right decision. Thank you, Bre-Anne! I’m a very happy client!

-Sarah R.

Noble Insurance is always helpful. Prompt response when we need changes made.

-Sandra S.

Laurie Scutt provided a quote and detailed explanation. This was efficient and timely. I accepted the quote and have no complaints.

-Ken M.

Brandy Foster always provides great customer service and fast.

-Jody S.

Vivian Fuller is always prompt at getting back to me. Helpful when I bought my new car and all the paperwork involved.

-Lorraine T.

Bre-Anne Coleman is always so helpful with all my questions and trying to get me the best quote.

-Susan P.

Julianne Cornfield handles our account, and our insurance issues were clearly explained and alternative solutions were provided, allowing us to make informed decisions!

-Margaret & Norbert P.

I appreciate the fact that Noble advises me when something new is available concerning my insurance coverage. Thanks, Cindy Richardson.

-Pauline M.

It was very quick and easy to get my tenant insurance set up! There were questions that I didn’t have the answers to but the broker from Noble was able to find out the information for me. Bre-Anne Coleman provided amazing service and was very friendly. I will definitely be moving my other insured items over to her when they are up for renewal. I even called Bre-Anne for advice on dealing with the brokerage that has my car insurance because I had bought a new car and needed my policy updated. Bre-Anne was able see how much I would spend to cancel my insurance and move it to Noble (so I could gain the multi insurance discount). Since it wasn’t in my interest to have the cancelation done now, I will wait. At this point in time, I haven’t had any issues dealing with Noble Insurance! I almost thought I was missing something since everything went so smoothly with my insurance application.


Laurie Scutt was efficient and professional. I received all requested information in a timely manner.

-Richard A.

My broker was on holiday; however, Becky Burnett took over and completed all necessary paperwork  for sled insurance promptly. Fantastic service as always.

-LoriAnn P.

We were delighted that Becky Burnett responded to our request immediately. Fast, efficient service! The fact we are able to DocuSign is a real plus.

-Brenda C.

Bre-Anne, thank you so much for initiating – and then securing – such a good policy with another company for me. I really, really appreciate your diligence. You have been just a super rep to deal with. Bre-Anne, I am so glad you are handling my account.

-L. Searles

I was very impressed by the way a bad situation I was having with an insurance carrier was handled by Bre-Anne Coleman. She handled the situation very professionally and made me feel like she really cared about solving my problem. It is very refreshing in today’s world that someone actually cared about making the customer happy. Bre-Anne took a bad situation and made me feel better about it.

-Jeff R.

The Noble team is always very helpful and accommodating. I have been very happy with the services you have provided.

-Nancy H.

My regular broker was away this week, and I was able to get helped by another Noble team member quickly and efficiently.

-Diana S.

Tava at Noble Insurance has worked with me for many years. She goes out of her way and makes things happen to her best ability, and I really do appreciate that. That is one of the reasons that I can honestly say I stay with Noble.

-Reg K.

I appreciated the promptness of my queries and Serena‘s general knowledge of car insurance, as well as her bubbly personality.

-Chris S.

I found Serena to be very friendly and helpful and interested in us. She explained the new policy in a very thorough way, which we appreciated, and made the process so easy with several ways to deal with it.  I don’t think Serena could do any better.

-Joan S.

My broker, Serena, always has all the time in the world for me and is very knowledgeable.

-Gary J.

I had an NSF payment due to circumstances beyond my control. I was notified right away by Mary Beth on how to make up the payment. And because this was my second NSF, I was reinstated thanks to the great people at Noble backing me up. I am always answered but the end of the day, if not right away.


I like the ease and quick response times of the Noble Insurance Brokerage. Serena is knowledgeable, helpful with options, and answers questions easily and in an understandable manner. Keep up the great work!

-Shawn L.

Noble Insurance provides fast service, and they did exactly what they said they would do.

-Lee C.

Serena was very patient and understanding in discussing options with respect to my insurance, and I thank her for that because I didn’t make it easy for her.

-Margaret H.

Serena is always knowledgeable and quick to respond.

-Keith B.

Becky at Noble Insurance always provides good and reliable service.

-Erling M.

Always friendly and professional and prompt service from Serena.

-Patricia H.

Thanks very much, Becky. You explained everything perfectly and cleared it all up for me. I spent my whole working life in the investment business and never became as well versed in insurance as I should have. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

– Robert C.

I really appreciate how Serena always gets back to me and is always willing to help with any questions I may have.

– Kayleigh M.

Serena provides very speedy and courteous responses.

– Mike A.

FAST AND SUPER COURTEOUS. Being new to the process of insurance, Tava Oplt made this quick and as easy as can be. Immediately came out to see my place of business and made recommendations which came with a great quote.

– Mark B.

Serena has always provided friendly service . . . quick and professional. I’m always satisfied.

–  Carol V.

Carol Whitley is fast and returns my call promptly. I wouldn’t change a thing. Great service.

– LoriAnn P.

Serena always provides efficient and courteous service. I’ve never had a complaint about the service I’ve received at Noble Insurance.

– Chris L.

Serena is always quick to respond to my questions.
– Tina L.
Serena provides speedy, reliable service. Keep up the great work!
– Jeremy M.
Serena is always prompt to return emails and phone calls. She always has time to see you even if you just drop in without an appointment.

-Joel G.

Working with Becky is very easy and fast. Everything always runs great and on time.

– Carolina C.

Serena provides fast service and always does a good job.
– Bob H.
Becky is so friendly, and they’re all great listeners! Always helpful and professional. I’ve been a customer since 1986. I’ve recommended Noble Insurance to many people. Customer service is #1.
– Denise A.
I talked to a real person when I phone without pushing a lot of numbers. Serena was prompt, pleasant and efficient.

– Laurie V.

Bre-Anne is very efficient and slick.
–  Bryan P.
Becky, thank you again for all of your help over the past two weeks, especially getting everything arranged for my new car so quickly. Kindest regards

–  Samantha B.

Very courteous, speedy response and great customer service, especially in dealing with Julianne Cornfield.

–  June H.

Carol Whitley, thanks for your friendliness and concern about getting everything just right.

-Paul J.

The Noble Insurance team provided very quick service regardless of the issue.

– Michael O.

Serena was very helpful, courteous and also patient.

– Heather K.

Serena was very efficient, knowledgeable and easy to deal with.

– Jacyln S.

Staff is really nice, especially my agent, Carol Whitley.

– Emma D.

Thanks so much, Becky. We really appreciate you expediting this process. Great service.

– Brenda and Bert C.

“It is good to know someone is subject knowledgeable and watching over the finer details. I have been using Noble Insurance for a number of years, Broker, Serena Pockaj has always got the best coverage for my car and me with the least problems. Recently, I had a driving insurance problem with my 16 year old grandson with a G1 licence in my car – Happily solved.”

– Raymond J

Serena, I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for your fantastic service a couple months back. I had come to you with a rather tall order and you were efficient and very friendly. You made the process about as easy as it could be. Thanks you again for your professionalism and attention to detail. I look forward to remaining a loyal client.”

– Sean K

“I would like to compliment one of your employees, Corie Flear, for the excellent service she has consistently provided to me over the past few weeks. Corie has helped me to sort out my auto insurance while demonstrating great knowledge, empathy and support.

I have always been pleased with the service I have received from her. Corie’s professionalism and ability to get results quickly have exceeded my expectations. I am and can be a very demanding customer.

Such a commitment to great customer service is to be commended. You can be sure that I will continue to do business with Noble Insurance for years to come.”

– Monique & Christian B.

“Thanks again for all the work you did to get me a better price Serena. You are extremely good at what you do”

– Yvonne H.

“My wife and I have been clients of Noble Insurance since we settled in Barrie over 4 years ago. Right from the get-go we appreciated the professional courtesy we were given by Lisa McMann. As seniors on a fixed income, Lisa understands our need to keep our costs down while making sure that our home and auto policies have all the coverage we need. Thank you Lisa. We look forward to continuing this relationship for many more years.”

-Randy H.

“We have had our home insured with Noble for six years now, and we recently got auto insurance for the first time. We were so glad to have Noble and Becky on our team through that process. Not only did we get set up with a great deal on car insurance, Becky also found an amazing deal for us on our condo insurance to team up with the auto coverage. We live out of town and it was a lot of work for Becky to do research for us, communicate via email and phone, and send and receive the many required documents. She did this, and answered our many questions, quickly, competently, and cheerily – always without complaint. Having not gone through the process of setting up auto insurance before, we were very glad to have Becky in our corner to help us get everything in order and find the best possible deal. We are VERY happy with the level of service we have received from Noble and Becky – thank you, Becky!”

– CB

Serena – Thank you very much for your “Good News” call and your excellent customer service. I appreciate your diligence and professionalism.

-Gordon B.

“Thank you so very much for always being so supportive. Vivian Fuller, you are good at what you do and as a customer, I deeply appreciate it.”

-Katherine G.

“I would like to share my story at this time and to say how pleased I am with Becky Burnett and Noble Insurance for looking after my family through the worst time of our lives.

We experienced a house fire on the evening of December 21, 2017. Noble Insurance put us in touch with Gore Mutual, and I must say, I felt so reassured and happy with the services of Gore Mutual and Winmar. Everyone has been incredible.

We lost everything, and my grandchildren lost their Christmas presents, tree and even their cats. Gore Mutual gave us some money and helped us find a place to live. Jeff at Winmar helped us feel we were in great hands, all thanks to Noble Insurance.

The staff at Noble Insurance is very family-orientated and personable, and very helpful. No question is too much to ask, and their understanding is like a big hug through the phone.

Thank you to everyone at Noble Insurance, Gore Mutual and Winmar for turning our bad situation into something we could handle.”

-Sharron B.

“A quick note saying thank you to Lisa McMann for all the help with renewing my policies and taking care of my needs, especially after my car accident. I don’t think it would have gone as smoothly as it did without her help. Lisa has been my broker for more than 15 years, and she has always seemed to get me the lowest price (which always helps when you’re a single mom). I want to say thank you for always being there to help guide and direct me in the right direction for my benefit, but also my safety and the safety of my kids.”
– Amanda L.
“I recently endured a collision through no fault of my own. The trauma of the initial experience, followed by the subsequent emerging items on a quickly lengthening to-do list from claims, car rentals, car replacements etc., became further complicated by the fact that I had difficulties in contacting the claims adjuster assigned to my file. Thanks to Chanel Frangakis, the communication problems were quickly resolved. I owe her a debt of gratitude for her professionalism and efficiency in handling this case — from our initial phone call to the transferring of my insurance policy to the new vehicle. Thanks again, Chanel!.”
– Nora McCaffrey
“We have been clients of Noble Insurance in Collingwood since we moved into the area a few years ago. Julianne Cornfield has been our broker since that time, and we would like to pass along our heartfelt thanks for Julianne’s professionalism and hard work in tending to our needs. At times we are a bit tardy in getting information to Julianne regarding changes in our circumstances, but regardless of the short notices, Julianne is always able to respond in a cheerful and efficient manner and makes the required adjustments effective in time to provide coverage.”
– Brian W. & Marlene P.
Susan, Just wanted to send a thank you for making our new vehicle paperwork seamless! It’s pretty amazing to think we just send emails and it’s all looked after. Thanks again!”
– Jenni B.
“Thank you again for your prompt attention to this matter, Brandy! I apologize for the rush and really appreciate your quick response. Wonderful client service! ”
-Shelly S.
“We had nothing but the best experience with Nobles and will be recommending. My parents worked in insurance for 50 years combined and I worked in insurance for 6. Serena and Julianne both exceeded our broker expectations, especially in our times of need.”
-Alexandra B.
“Thank you Susan Roth. Good to know we are all covered. That’s one of the many reasons we love Noble Insurance – good coverage and quick replies from friendly agents. ”
-Debbie C.
“I have had the pleasure of working with Lisa McMann for many years – since she took over the management of insurance for my cottage. She is a down-to-earth, no nonsense woman who works hard to ensure that I have the insurance I really need to keep our beloved cottage safe and sound – and never tries to sell me products I do not need. She offers creative solutions to problems, treats me with great respect and always has a positive attitude and approach. I love that at my small office in Elmvale I can always reach a ‘real’ person to work through my challenges – the personal touch is hard to find today. And so I say, Thank You to Noble Insurance and to my great broker Lisa McMann.”
-Susan Hayden
Serena, I have to say I deal with A LOT of people and companies with my job and can honestly say you are one of my favourite people to work with! Fast responses, attention to detail, and always get me the answers I need and want to hear. Thanks a million for this. Really appreciate it.”
-David Labelle Jr.
Serena – Thank you again for your expertise in taking care of our needs.
Insurance can be daunting to try to wade through and having you look after our welfare is extremely appreciated….”
-Elly Hicks
“I just bought my retirement home in Collingwood recently and had a very short closing date. I am a few years away from moving up so I needed a home owners policy that would cover long term rental.

When I called my insurance company (with them for 30 years) in Toronto to get coverage, the rules from them to insure were impossible to manage. I decided to shop for a policy with a firm in Collingwood and turned to Noble Insurance for help.

Carole Schmidt was amazing. She didnt hesitate to get started sourcing options for me. She did an outstanding job of getting the homeowner policy suited to what I needed.

I just signed the final policy today with relief and the professional help from Noble.

When my other policies come due I’m looking forward to transferring them to Noble and working with Carole again. ”
-Micki Rivers

Jaclyn of Noble Insurance is a very knowledgeable Insurance Broker who understands the value of customer service, quick response and a dedicated expert who delivers on time.”
– Earl Shore
“I just wanted to say thank you to Jeanette for her help….it’s reassuring to know that I can count on someone to take care of my insurance issues. I’m glad I have her as my broker and made a stressful situation much easier. Can’t wait to pick up MY new SUV this afternoon.”
– Erica Wilson
Serena, you are the best. I really enjoy dealing with you, you make things very simple for us. My son commented that he likes dealing with you also.”
– Gail Hogg
“Thanks Tava. You have proven over and over again to be someone I can count on. THANK YOU!” – Ken Matthews
Serena, you stand leaps and bounds beyond any other insurance broker I have ever dealt with. The solution you have presented to me after negotiating with Aviva is testament to how freaking awesome you are at your job. Most if not all other insurance brokers would of left me to fend for myself.I sincerely thank you for your outstanding efforts.” – Adam Johnston
Carole Schmidt really came through for me when dealing with my old insurance company. Thanks to her prompt and professional service I will be getting reimbursed with the money that was owed to me. Very glad I switched companies.”
– Michelle Hayes
Serena Pockaj, I want to thank you for the great service updating my policy and making sure I had the proper coverage. So nice to have you for my CSR…..good job!” – Carol Vermeersch
“We have been clients of Noble Insurance and Don Lefaive for the past 23 years for both our personal and business insurance. During that time, we have enjoyed the excellent level of service provided by Don and the rest of the staff. Phone calls are always returned in a timely manner and we have always received expert advice from this office. We appreciate dealing with such a pleasant and professional group and we plan on continuing to insure with Noble Insurance for years to come.”
– John & Janice Minnings
“Prior to meeting Debbie Green of Noble Insurance, I used to dread my insurance policy renewal time. It always seemed like a laborious task; one shrouded in mystery and a process that I had very little control over, or input in. Today, with Debbie managing my policies, I no longer feel this way. Thanks to Debbie, the veil of confusion has been lifted and I know, without question, that my best interests are always being served and protected. Debbie is always available to answer my questions too, however small, and she always goes the extra mile to ensure that I fully understand my policies and the coverages they provide. Besides being a consummate professional, Debbie is also a member of our community and her dedication to this shines through in the way she deals with her clients in the caring, genuine and thoughtful manner that only she can. A testament to this would be in the way she always examines the market to ensure that I have the best, and most economical coverages possible. This is the kind of advocate I want. If peace of mind is important to you too, Debbie is the kind of advocate you should want as well.” – Michael Webb

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